Genius Hour #2

My group and I have changed our topic to learning how to make scotcheroos. I’ve learned that when you make scotcheroos you have to put corn syrup and sugar together and let the sugar melt. You also have to melt chocolate and butter scotch together and let it melt. That’s how the cereal sticks together. Before you put the pan in the oven you have to spray it with cooking spray. Also when you put it in the oven you should turn it on medium.  What I’ve learned about myself is that I would be a good at baking because I’ve baked some things for my family and they thought the stuff was pretty good. Some obstacles that I have faced is that there’s not that much stuff to learn about for this topic. Theres not that much sites for this topic either.We did find some good tips for making them though, so that’s  something good. My grandma makes scotcheroos when we have like family gatherings so we can get some good tips from her too.  My group and I are still going to do some research,  we still have to find like what things we need to use but after we finish we want to make scotcheroos.

Simpson collage

I went to Simpson collage for the first time and it was really cool. When we first got there we talked to the art and music teacher and they talked about all the things that they do with their classes. I’ve never toured a collage before, I’ve been to one though for like sports events. I don’t know if I would go to school there because I want to play basketball and I don’t think I would want to play there. But for school it would be nice to go to. When we were walking we came to this circle thing that they called a seal and the guy that was showing us around said that if we step on it you’ll fail your next test.  Then we went to the science building and our tour person said that down stairs there was a place that they examine dead bodies and cut them open to like look inside the muscles. It was pretty cool.Then we went to the cafeteria  to eat and they had a lot of different choices. I ate a taco and a turkey sandwich and it was pretty good. They also had some really good cookies. I had a really fun time touring the collage.Simpson-Seal

Genius Hour

I’ve decided to focus on music. I’m working in a group with Jada and Dionshay. This topic is important to me because I love music, and Id like to learn how people come up with their lyrics and the beats they want to use.I want to learn how music connects with people . My goals for this project is that one day I will know how to make music. And that I know everything I need to know about music. I want to be able to walk away from this project knowing more about music than just the different genres. How I will measure this project is when I know how to make my own music. I want to be able to make certain types a music. The type of music I want to be able to make is Hip Hop or R&B. I want to make this type of music because I like to listen to it.

My Spring Break

This spring break I was very busy. The first day of spring break I started to feel like I was getting a cold. My throat started to hurt and my nose was stuffy. The next day I couldn’t even talk and I had to take tissue every where I went. I went and visted my great grandma in Early ,Iowa for her birthday. All week my mom and I were making a scene for  our Easter church play. We had to make a tomb stone. We went to Des Moines to find what I was going to wear for Easter. I also went to the rec to play basketball with my friends. On Easter I went to Chruch and after that my whole family went to my grandma and grandpa’s to eatand we ate there we had a lot of food my favorite was the macaroni and cheese. I think my grandma makes the best. After we ate my cousin Jordan and I hid Easter eggs in the house for my cousins to find. Later that night we were still at my grandparents house and everyone was talking and then we heard crying .we all jumped up to see who was crying. It was my cousin Jaysown his arm was bleeding bad and my grandma went wash it off and he had a huge cut in his wrist. He was going down the stairs and he cut his arm on the rail. We had to take him to the hospital so he could get stitches. Other then that my spring break was fun.

week 10

1. I have 8 blogs that I’ve wrote.

2. All of my posts were set by the challenge.

3. I don’t have any comments from classmates, I have 3 comments from teachers and one comment from overseas.

4. 2 of my post got 3 comments on them, I think I got them because they were interesting.

5. The post I enjoyed writing the most was the post when we wrote about our favorite time with our family because I didn’t have to do any research.

6. I didn’t change the blog theme because I like the one I had.

7. I didn’t put any widgets in mine.

8. I don’t have a blog roll.

9. I used bitmojis to make my avatar.

All about animals and trees


photo by Claudio Gennari

photo by Claudio Gennari

My favorite animal is the Bengal Tiger. They are a beautiful animal. says,Tigers are the biggest cats in the cat family.Bengal Tiger are from India and are sometimes called Indian Tigers. They average about half of all wild tigers, they’re also the most common tiger. Most tigers live alone and they mark there territories to keep there enemies away. Tigers travel many miles to hunt for buffalo, deer, and wild pigs. One of a Tigers hunting tactics they use is to, lie and creep close enough to their pray and then they pounce on them. Did you know that no tiger has the same strips. A tigers roar can be heard as far as 2 miles! That’s pretty far. A Bengal Tiger can weigh 250 to 500 lbs.

photo by

photo by

Another animal that I like is Mountain gorillas. Did you know that there are roughly 700 mountain gorillas left on Earth. Theses gorillas live in the mountains in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Trees have provided us with two important thing that we need to live and that’s, food and oxygen. They’ve also provided us with medicine, shelter, and tools. Did you know that a single tree gives 260 pounds of oxygen a year. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four. An American uses about 750 pounds of paper of paper every year, about 75 percent of homes are built using wood. Did you know that every state has a state tree. My state tree is the Oak tree. says that one large tree can lift one gallon of water out of the ground and discharge it into the air a day. Over 5,000 products are made from trees. Trees are one of the oldest living organism on earth. Did you know that are grown in city living conditions don’t live as long.




Favorite foods in my country

One favorite food in America is Pizza. My favorite kind of pizza is sausage. Another food that I think is popular in the America is Ramen noodles. My favorite type of Ramen noodles is chicken. One of my favorite foods is a Gyro. A Gyro is a Greek dish. Its made with beef that is cut into strips, there’s tomato’s on it and it has tzatziki sauce on it ,that has pieces of cucumber in it. The bread is called Pita bread. It can also have onions on it. Another favorite food in America is fried chicken. I think fried chicken is really good. Another one of my favorite foods is fish. Fried tomato’s is another one of my favorite foods. My mom makes them the best. She puts them in a frying pan and and then when they get crispy she takes them out and then she puts salt and pepper on them, there really good. Ice cream is another one of America’s favorite thing to eat.  My grandma has a garden that we get cabbage out of then she frys  it and puts bacon in it. Theres all types of food in the U.S. Everybody have a good day.

My favorite time with my family


by Bobak Ha’Eri

One of my favorite times with my family was when we went to see a Chicago Bulls game. The game was in Minnesota, they were playing the Minnesota Timberwolves.  My mom came to get my cousin and I out of school early so we could leave to go to the Target Center, that’s where the Timberwolves play basketball. When we got to the Target Center we had to find our seats. My favorite player on the bulls is Derrick Rose and he wasn’t playing this game so I thought he wouldn’t be there. It was like the end of the second quarter when I saw something shining out the corner of my eye, when I looked over and down at the Bulls it was Derrick Rose’s earring , I stated to freak out and so did my mom. At the end of the game we were walking to the car and I seen the Chicago Bulls team getting on their bus. It was a really fun time.

Stop bulling

Bulling happens everyday you just might not notice it happening. Bulling can happen any where, it can happen on the bus and on the internet. says kids who are bullied can feel alone, like they have no power, they can feel unpopular and diffrent from other kids. When kids get bullied they skip school or even bully other kids to feel like they have power. The kids that bully other kids might do it to fit in with their friend or they think there better than the kid they are bullying. Most kids that are bullied can have a hard time standing up for themselves. Some kids that see bulling might not no what to do so they just stand back and watch, they might not do anything because they don’t want to get bullied. Other people might tell an adult or try to tell the bully to stop. People should treat people with respect or how they want to be treated. You can stop and think to yourself, ” Is this going to hurt someone if i say it?” If you are getting bullied you should talk to and adult, don’t keep your feelings bottled up inside. Talk to an adult you trust then you might feel less alone. Most bulling happens when adults aren’t around to see it happening. When I was in seventh grade there was a girl who always said mean things to a girl that was smaller than her. The girl always laughed so they wouldn’t think it hurt her feelings. One day i got sick of them talking about her and making sly comments and i asked them why they always talked about her and how would they feel if someone was talking about them. Bulling never ok! Lets not bully others.  Treat others with respect.